Electro & Hip Hop will live on because it is part of our DNA, the rite of passage of a generation into a new culture and world, a way of life that helped shape their identity and brought together diverse communities as one, united & bonded by a shared passion for Electro & Hip Hop!

Street Sounds played a crucial role in introducing Electro & Hip Hop music to the UK audience and an essential part in shaping the music landscape during the 1980’s. The Street Sounds Electro albums have left an indelible mark on contemporary Hip Hop and Urban culture. Many artists and producers cite the series as a major inspiration.

Today, the legacy of Street Sounds continues to influence and inspire new generations of artists and music enthusiasts. The label's impact on the UK's musical heritage is undeniable, as it played a significant role in shaping the landscape of modern electronic and Hip Hop music in the country ...MORE



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Melle Mel & Hen Dog
Kurtis Mantronik
DJ Temple

Morgan Khan, the unsung hero...

'In 1982, Khan – then 23 – launched Street Sounds, a compilation series that democratised the dance music underground. Suddenly, tracks that had been available only on import in specialist shops, bought by DJs and serious clubbers, were available to all.' Michael Hann, The Guardian

Our very own Morgan Khan sat down with The Guardian to discuss all things Street Sounds! Check out the article now for more information on the history of Street Sounds, and for an exclusive insight into the world of Morgan.

Street Sounds 'THE BOOK'

"II have been working on ‘STREET SOUNDS - THE BOOK’ for almost 3 years, with a great deal of help from notable contributors and I am finally coming to the end of this epic project. The Street Sounds book has grown & morphed beyond my initial expectations and will be released later this year! 

The book will also have a fan section, because the Street Sounds story is very much about you too and will allow the Street Sounds family to tell their own stories (see below). Thank you to those who have already contributed.

The Street Sounds story is as much about the music as it is about the lifestyle, fashion and attitudes of these pivotal years. In many ways the Street Sounds albums mirrored what was happening on the streets. The book branches off into several directions, it tells of the street kids who wore Adidas trainers and Kagools and spent their free time break dancing on pieces of cardboard on street corners to the beats pumping out of a boombox, many of ‘you’ are now reading this!...the influence of the music…the power of graffiti…the importance of vinyl…the producers & remixers who created the music…the politics of the day; the in’s and outs of the record companies & recording studios, some things will shock, surprise & be a revelation, because I want the world to know what was the real deal!...the struggles of black artists to be supported and the genius of their music…my own personal experiences; the good, the bad and absolute bizarre! 

The Street Sounds Book will be a substantial publication and visual extravaganza. Nothing has been spared to make this book something you will cherish, to hopefully make you smile, to remember, maybe even cry. A record and testament to the greatest era of music & culture to pass down to your children, as a testament to ‘our’ music, lifestyle and passion. 
You can email me at: book@streetsounds.co.uk
or use the BOOK CONTACT FORM  below.
Send me up to 500 words about what Street Sounds has meant to you; as a record label, the music on the albums, our events that may have influenced you or became the soundtrack to your life. We also need photographs, so if you have any personal pics of you with a Street Sounds connection, for example dressed in your breakdancing gear (past/present), or at any gigs/events that are relevant, or posters on your bedroom walls.
Don't forget to include a contact number in your email".
Respect & love,
Morgan Khan


Send us up to 500 words about what Street Sounds, the Electro, or any other series, has meant to you, influenced you, or became the soundtrack to your life. We also need photographs, so if you have any personal pics of you with a Street Sounds connection, for example dressed in your breakdancing gear (past/present), or at any gigs/events that are relevant, or posters on your bedroom walls.
Please send photos via email - book@streetsounds.co.uk, thank you.



We heard what was currently being played on the radio and realised that there was a huge void of the music that we and likeminded people grew up with, a radio station whose sole purpose is to entertain and be the soundtrack to their lives! Music of black origin from the 70's, 80's & 90's was exceptional, it was organic, creative and an incredible time for music. This was the inspiration behind us creating Street Sounds Radio, a radio station where it feels like you have stepped into the DeLorean and travelled back through time.

The music played on Street Sounds Radio explores the very DNA of the Street Sounds era; the epitome of pure quality and absolute authenticity. Street Sounds Radio is aimed at a more discerning audience and dedicated to lovers & aficionados of the greatest music from back in the day. We broadcast a veritable aural feast of the greatest music of black origin from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and let’s not forget, there are also some great sounds from the noughties and twenty-tens. Our music spectrum includes the following genres; Soul, Funk, Soul Club Anthems, Jazz-Funk, Hip Hop, Electro, Boogie, Disco, Rare Grooves, R’n’B and House The music from this era was exceptional, it was organic, creative and is universally agreed, to be the best musical decades.

Our stellar line-up of presenters will be playing the music that listeners will remember as being the 'soundtrack to their lives'. Daytimes will feature all of the biggest tunes you listened and danced to, evenings and weekends the best specialist shows presented by some of the most exciting, knowledgeable and celebrated radio presenters & DJs from across the globe, playing awesome classic tracks, new tunes and re-edits.

You can listen to Street Sounds Radio via our dedicated free App, on our website and on numerous third-party streaming services, including Alexa, Radio Player and Sonos. Effectively everyone can listen to Street Sounds Radio on their phone, laptop or tablet!

Daytime programming (7.00am-7.00pm) is playlist based, we have at any onetime over 2,500 ‘hit’ songs on rotation. Evening and weekend programming feature specialist shows and taking our listeners through the early hours of the morning, the most soulful collection of slow jams.



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Created 11th April 2009, our Facebook Page & Group is 14 years old. What an awesome year lies ahead for us! A TV Documentary, has been in the making for over 3 years, now a book about Street Sounds has been commissioned, new albums, Street Sounds events to please the Street Sounds family and so much more, did I mention the Street Sounds musical? Thank you to all the Street Sounds family for your support from the beginning (1982), through the years and in the social media age. Also, I would like to give my respect & love to the many new members who have joined our group. JOIN THE STREET SOUNDS FACEBOOK GROUP & BE PART OF THE STREET SOUNDS FAMILY.